Titchupro Tutorial

Players: 4 (2v2)
Cards: 8 for each player

Grand Tichu: Each player receives 8 cards at the beginning. If he believes he will come out first (finish his / her cards) then he can declare “Grand Tichu”. If he does his team gains an additional 200 points. If he does not then his team loses 200 points. Grand Tichu can be declared by up to one player in each team.

Change of cards: Then players receive another 6 cards. At this stage, they exchange three cards with the rest of the players. Each player will give one card to each opponent (as weak as possible) and one card (preferably a strong card) to his teammate. They will also receive three cards from the rest of the players (one from each).

Small Tichu: If a player, before playing for the first time, thinks he can finish his cards first then he can declare a “Small Tichu”. If he finishes his cards first then his team gets 100 points. If he does not succeed then his team loses 100 points. Tichu can be declared by one player from each team.

Start of game

Basic rule: Each player can play a card or a pair or a triad or combinations of cards at the table. The game is played in turns. The first card dealt is the one with the Mahjong card. From then on, the next player is always the opponent of the previous and the next one. Each player must deal a larger card with the combination of cards on the table.

The following combinations can be played:
– Single card (eg “3”).
– Pair of leaves (eg “5-5”).
– Two consecutive pairs (eg “6-6” and “7-7).
– Three identical cards (eg “J-J-J”)
– Full house: That is, three identical cards and a pair (eg 4-4-4 and 7-7)
– Each player can roll 5 or more cards which will be different from each other and will have a serial number. The cards from 2-6 up to 10-A can be played as straight.

In each card combination, the next player must roll a larger hand. For example, if there is a pair of “8-8” on the table, then the next player should throw a pair of “9-9” and above. In a Full House the largest combination is considered to be the one with the highest number on the same three cards. In the straight, the next player must deal five cards again, but of higher value or more than five cards.

Trick winner: The goal of each player is to win a Trick, that is, to collect the cards that have been played. To do this he must be the last player to put cards on the table and everyone next after him to fold.

Bomb: The bomb is: A) A quartet with the same cards. B) The straight flush, ie a straight of the same color, e.g. 4-5-6-7-8 red. A player can use a bomb at any time during the game. If there is no other player to drop a higher ranking bomb then he will get all the cards on the table. The straight flush bomb is higher than the quartet bomb.

Phoenix: Played as a single card or as a wild card in any combination of cards. Cannot be used as a bomb. When it is played as a single card then it counts half a point above the previous card played.

Dragon: It is the highest card in the game and can beat all other single cards. It can only be defeated by a bomb. When a player throws a Dragon, then the cards and the points of the trick won must be given to one of the opponents.

Dog: This card is only played when a player throws the first card on the table. All he does is overtake his opponent and allow his opposing teammate to play directly.

Mahjong: Mahjong has a value of 1. The player can roll the Mahjong card whenever he wants, either alone or in a straight. In this way he asks the next player to throw on the table any card of his choice (except the special cards, ie Dog, Dragon and Phoenix). If the next player does not have this card, then he rolls any card and then the next player is also asked if he has that card. If he does not have it then he throws a bigger card than the previous one and so on.


– If a pair of players comes out first and by that time neither of their two opponents has come out, then they win the game with 200 points, without counting the points from each piece. – If the player of team A comes out first, then a player of team B and finally the second player of team A, then the last player (of team B) who will be left with cards in his hand, gives all his cards and the points in the opposing team.

– The points are calculated cumulatively from each team duet and are as follows: Five: 5 points, Ten: 10 points. King: 10 points, Dragon: 25 points, Phoenix: -25 points. The sum of points of each team determines the winning pair. The game ends when a pair scores 1000 points. In Spetrum.Games you can choose to play with a target score from 200 to 1000, as well as define a specific bet in chips using the chips you get for free when you register. The chips are deducted from each player at the beginning of each game. If a player quits before the end of a game then he loses both his bet and points from his ELO ranking.

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