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The platform includes three games.
The popular game Mpirimpa / Buraco in two variants (the simple and the most complicated), Tichu and Tic Tac Toe.

Mpirimpa / Buraco can be played by two opponents or two opposing pairs while Tichu can only played by two opposing pairs. Tic Tac Toe can only be played by two players (one against each other).
For players to participate in a game they must bet the minimum amount of 200 chips each; winners get the chips that their opponents lose minus the chips the platform gets; the platform percentage starts at 50% but decreases as the bet goes up.


Each player gets several free chips as soon as they join the platform and wins chips if they successfully invite a friend and the friend registers on the platform.
Free Chips are given through a free lottery ticket which has a minimum guaranteed profit.
This lottery ticket is given at frequent intervals.


Each player can get free chips through inviting friends to the platform via Facebook, Email, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram και Twitter. In case of successful registration both the player and the friend get free chips.


Players can buy chips from the store. They can also buy avatars that can be used instead of their own photo as well as virtual items that they can offer to their teammates while playing games.
Avatars can be bought when players enter their profile while virtual items can be purchased while they participate in a game.
When a player purchases chips he / she becomes VIP player for a predetermined period of time (no ads shown).


The platform has several lotteries of different value through which they can win many chips.


Each player’s score is based on the international ELO rating system.
All players start with a rating of 1,500 and then points are added or deducted based on the score of each player with whom they compete.
In case of achieving equal points in a game, the winner is the one with the lowest ELO (i.e. the player who is theoretically weaker). In this case s/he gets half of the points for a win.
If a player leaves a game after the first round his opponent wins the points for the ELO while also recorded as a win (in addition to the chips).
Each player has two kinds of ratings. The general rating is determined by all the games in which it participates (the general ELO).
The rating in the Ranking Table which starts each time from the same point for all contestants.


All players can win additional chips by participating in the Leaderboards which have a specific duration (weekly, monthly etc).
To win any of the prizes, each player must participate in a minimum number of games specified by the platform.


The Competitions have a predetermined duration and participation price and can be for 2 or 4 players.
All features of the game are defined from the beginning and do not change afterwards.
With each entry players are entitled to play a certain number of games.
There are two kinds of competitions.
The first type takes into account the total games of each player while the second type takes into account his x best games (the number is determined from the beginning).
The prize of each competition is determined at the beginning while some competitions pay an increasing prize based on the number of entries.
This means that the more players involved, the higher the prizes they can win.

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